Thank you so much for your interest in the
Athletes for Life Foundation (AFL)

Greg Bell

With the support of people like you, AFL has been able to offer children in need an opportunity to expand their development potential both physically and emotionally. We have been fortunate to achieve many of the goals we set forth twenty years ago when we began to develop our dream foundation. From granting scholarships to sending youth to the Michael Jordan Flight School, we continue to grow and expand our programs consistently increasing the number of children we reach. Our foundation stands on the belief that all children should have a chance to achieve their dreams.

Unfortunately, there are many children who are unable to pursue their goals, whether in sports or in education. The participants in our programs include children facing physical, emotional and economic hardships that create limitations. We at AFL provide avenues accessible to every child in the community.

In remembering the people and experiences that helped support us in attaining our life dreams, we are reminded of how rewarding the gift of opportunity can be.  With your assistance and support, the Athletes for Life Foundation can continue to offer thousands of youth an experience that will change their lives, encourage them to dream big, and work hard to pursue their goals. It’s been said that in our lives, we should never stop learning and we should never stop giving.

Once again, I thank you for your interest in the Athletes for Life Foundation, and I look forward to collaborating with you to continue to make this vision of a better life for children a reality.


Greg Bell
Founder & President

AFL Trademark

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